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Pallavi Goenka

Pallavi Goenka is a passionate artist who intends to bridge the gap between artists and people. Living canvas is an initiative by her for the same. In any art work she creates, she uses her mind and heart and puts her soul in it.

Mind – to use the available technology
Heart – To understand the emotions behind
Soul – to create it

Pallavi has her own unique style, where she merges ancient wisdom with modern technology to make every piece a master piece. She has been gifted with the ability to precisely understand the needs of the people around her and fulfil the same. She believes in creating experiences than just art piece and everything that a person adorns in his or her life is truly a reflection of their personality, which one about her could easily guess by the eclectic space in her home. This marked the birth of Living Canvas, to beautify spaces where people feel, grow and learn amidst art.

1998 Her Beginning in Design
At a subtle age of 18 stepping just into adulthood, Pallavi Goenka was determined to create something larger than life. Just after graduating from SNDT College, this Mumbai girl had already stepped into the world that shapes a million dreams into reality.

Beginning as a fresher required tenacity and quick understanding of the dynamic fashion trends. As she worked closely with Rocky S, she had done everything from assisting the entrenched designer with creative inputs to pursuing sales with the biggest clients in the city. Working in the field made her a 'people's person' which clearly reflects in her work. Every artist has an inspiration that influenced their art work. For Pallavi, it has always been Indian art and heritage.

2001 A Revelation into 'The New'
At 21, a budding fashion designer who was making her mark revamping old styles in clothing with contemporary Indian customizations, had now moved into working closely with her in-laws' company which was core textiles. As Pallavi took over the design department in her in-laws' company, then, it was a just a matter of time that things took a turn.

2010-2011 A Paradigm Shift
Life brought her to Ahmedabad, a city which was known for its architecture and textiles. As another initiative, Katha, a speciality store with beautiful and joyous ethnic collection was open to the people. That what when she had her exclusive fashion show in London with her entire Rajasthani Collection. While that brought her applauds and praises, the consequent year she presented at the Lakme Fashion Week. Ahmedabad was a breakout into exploring the possibilities to another expanse of creating a blend of art and spaces. This lead to Living Canvas bringing artists across the cultures and styles and people's homes together to embrace our true Indian heritage.

2016 The Present Pallavi Goenka, Space Stylist
Design is passion, and when passion comes naturally to her, for Pallavi, any space is a playground to work with some of the greatest ideas to convert it into art. As a result of her love for the Indian heritage and art, in 2012, Living Canvas was born. The rich Indian heritage and culture is a medley of countless stories and instances that an artist or a painter creates on an empty canvas. Living Canvas is the bridge that eradicates the gap between such several artists and 'you' so the stories remain timeless.