When it comes to painting walls in order to highlight a piece of art or maybe a work of design, accent walls can truly be efficient in doing so. Since having one is so crucial they never seem to go out of trend and are always found almost in every house. They make an excellent impression with their usually bold shades which are striking in every single way. So much they are important to fulfil the interior aspect that it is an absolute necessity to have at least one or two in your house. They are abundantly helpful in creating colour flow and there are no limits to what an effect you can achieve with it.

Generally, bold and dramatic shades are known to be great accent wall colours. They go on to add a splash of vibrancy to the rooms without overpowering the entire space of the area as well as the other walls which make it. Choose a colour that suits your eyes and also goes with other decor of your house and especially of the particular room. Many accessories are available in the market these days which goes on to compliment the look of accent walls. From stylish wall lamps to candle holders, anything can be placed on the sides of the wall and in between the showpiece that you wish to highlight.

They work great not just for your living rooms and large spaces but also for walls in the room of your kids. Letting your kid pick her or his favourite shade can take away the stress of decorating the room not to mention. Beddings and curtains in contrast to wall can liven up the entire room of your kid and give a personal touch. If you tend to have an inclination for more subtle tones then you could try redoing your already accented wall into a deeper shade. This would change its entire look and also provide you with the satisfaction of keeping your favourite colour too.

Another amazing way to bring the viewer’s attention is having hand printed accent walls or digitally printed ones. From wrought iron to aluminium boards, Living Canvas prints everything and anything with all kinds of art that you love. The idea it to make any part of your space blend in with aesthetics and creativity.

As easy as accent walls are on the eyes, they can be incredibly hard to achieve when it comes to having the right look for you. The best way to start is going from the colours of your beddings or draperies or seeking inspiration from the colour that your favourite piece of art is done in. It would not only end up in adding a personal touch but will make it bearable with passing time because it is something that will stay on for a long time. Therefore, it is better to pick a shade that you are confident of never getting bored with. In the end, whatever shade it might be that you decide to stick with, one thing that you will surely find is how easily that accent wall in your room has managed to upgrade its entire look.